Studio Notes

The Midway Mural Project

I'm thrilled to have been selected alongside 5 other artists to create a mural on the exterior facade of The Midway—a 40,000 square-foot arts complex in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. Each mural is a portrait of a side-show freak from a slightly askew carnival midway scene. Mine? Why, a fortune-telling pterodactyl, of course! "The Ptero Reader", perched at her table and feeding on the tools of her trade, is located on the far right side of the building alongside Benjamin Clarke's and Chris Blackstock's murals, "The Levitator" & "Twin Personalities", respectively.

The Midway arts complex, founded in 2015, houses a 3,000 square-foot art gallery, 9 artist-in-residency studios, non-profit spaces, an auditorium with culinary tutorial capabilities, a live music venue @ 2,000-person capacity and state-of-the-art surround-sound and lighting, and a daily cafe with outdoor garden space sheltered in the sunny bayside warehouse neighborhood just 10 blocks south of the SF Giants baseball park. Lots of exciting stuff happening at this beacon of creativity on the eastern shores of SF...check out their calendar for upcoming events.