Studio Notes

Super-Stellar Studio Remodel :)

After 12 years painting full-time in my current studio, things were starting to feel pretty tight with years of accumulation overflowing the storage shelves and canvases leaning in stacks against every wall. I had run out of room. Luckily, in March of this year the shipyard was able to annex ~200sq.ft. of an adjacent space, adding 25% more square footage and the opportunity to redesign my studio. 

Before construction began, I went through every shelf, stack and drawer donating a ton of stuff and taking inventory of what was left. Whoever says a true artist creates in chaos is a wishful thinker, because in reality it really helps to know where your Dremel cordless mini-rotary sander is...turns out I had three. Then the far wall was knocked down and new walls went up, a second door was added next to a small kitchen area, tool closet, new track lights, new paint and resurfaced floors throughout. The floors alone: they went from a dingy, scuffed matte black to a high-gloss resign-finish in light gray.

The transformation has been amazing...not just the larger, reconfigured space but the overall quality of light. Have a look!